Sketch plan - for a small refurbishment of a small flat
Layout:  CAD, Hand rawing, Photoshop
Visuals: Hand Drawing, Photoshop
This was a tiny-tiny little project.
The owner of this flat just wanted to have some ideas to refresh the design in her flat, and make the layout a bit more functional.
The movements I was able to do here were so limited, but succesfully found a place for a new breakfast counter and gave some storage and styling ideas.
I draw only the layout in CAD then draw it over, all the other visuals has been drawn by hand (no sketch-up this time)
and coloured with Potoshop. This was the most quick and efficent way to show the design in this scale.
Layout - with notes
Layout in 3D - look into the flat if it was a model
View of wardrobe and kitchen - eliminating from the view the bathroom area
View of kitchen and entrance area
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