Making of video and Pictures
model making of set design for A Janika

The drama „ A Janika” is one of the masterpieces of the Hungarian drama literature between the I and II World War. The death of the youngest son of a middle class family outcrops the hidden secrets and suppressed tensions among the adults in the family. With this unexpected occurrence they got the chance to change the hidden and hurtful situations in their life. But instead of facing with the problems finally they choose to slide back to their comfortable uncomfortably.

The story begins with the death of a young boy, but I think that the adults of the family are dying in their souls for ages. Therefore, although the scene is shown as a historically correct interior from around 1900, I chose to have all the mobile furniture in white, showing that everything what could be alive here is already dead and only a memory, a ghost of an imagined life they have.

Video editor:
András Sarkadi
Photos: Tamás Kovács
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