Refurbishing project for Praktiker Hungary
All the drawings - 16 pieces during 4 month

From 2011 June I have been involved to the social media campaign of Praktiker Hungary - DIY store.
I was the "face" of the campaign, my task was to write their blog with DIY tutorials, tips and ideas for low budget refurbishing, and to be the interior designer of the monthly refurbishing project.
Not even design the room, but participate during the construction and comment on it, as we made tutorial videos about each of them.

Every month we announced a competition, where participants had to send us their room which needed refurbishment (in different subjects like dining area, kid's room, study area..etc).
I had to chose 4 from the applications, and to make sketches for them about how to renew the interior.
At the end of every month one of the sketches won the realization of its plan by voting.

You can see some of the realizations (with video) in my project folder,
but here I have collected all the 16 drawings  I had drawn during that 4 month.

I always had a phone meeting with all the chosen participant about their requirements.
In every picture, there is a thumbnail pics about how the place looked like, and a colourful sketch showing the imagined design.

4 months 16 drawings
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