Children's room refurbishment
refurbishing project for Praktiker Hungary

Renew a children' s room is one of the most playful thing in design. All the colours, pictures, forms are just pure fun, but of course it is really important as well to concentrate of safety reasons, and loads of storage places.

As the owner of this room (a little girl) is a massive fan of Mr Bean cartoons, I tried to get the design elements from that movie/cartoon.
The wall got the bourbon lilies and some timber cover to get the feeling of Bean's room in cartoon English style. We put Teddy (Bean's soft toy) onto the cupboard with some festival feelings.
And of course we created new storage places as the hanged book-storage, new  shelves and boxes, and a hand-made "storage-sheet" with pockets

The atmosphere of the room has changed so friendly and girly at the end, we and fortunately the little girl also loved it.

About the main project:
From 2011 June I have been involved to the social media campaign of Praktiker Hungary - DIY store.
I was the "face" of the campaign.
My duty was to write their blog about DIY tutorials, tips and ideas for low budget refurbishing,
and most importantly to be the interior designer of the monthly refurbishing project.
I not even designed the rooms, but participated during the construction and commented on it, as we made tutorial videos about each of them.

How we chose the participant?
Every month we announced a competition on social  media sites, where participants had to send us their room which needed refurbishment (in different subjects like dining area, kid's room, study area..etc).
I had to choose 4 from the applications, and to make sketches for them about how to renew the interior.
At the end of every month one of the sketches won the realization of its plan by voting.

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