Working place refurbishment - Working Place
refurbishing project for Praktiker Hungary

The first project was to renew a working place.
This was a one room apartment, where the different function were in the same place.
The main issue was to separate the bedroom and working place from each other, but still keep the flow of the space. As I did not want to build walls, I designed some furniture elements (including using his old furniture as well), RCP, and colours to separate the functions, but keep the room as one space.

I used his old IKEA shelves to create room dividers, and organize his storage unites. We placed the shelves onto the top of each other, and braced them to the wall to fix them. To break the strong verticality of it (its a high ceiling room anyway), we painted the shelves (horizontal elements) to darker colour.
I designed and built a new desk for him, from DIY-wood timber pieces, with higher cupboard back unit, as you can see on the pictures.
We not even used colours, but the red wall is a magnetic wall.
For this we used a Hungarian invention, called, so surprisingly, "magnetic wall", which is a colourable wall finish which contains tiny bit iron pieces..
To separate the bedroom area and make it a bit more cosy, I furthermore lowered the ceiling using plasterboard elements.

The result was neat and nice and rational, as its owner.

Elements , which were renewed:
The red wall is a magnetic wall,
The shelves were they old ones, and we put them together,
Painted the walls, a built a concealed ceiling to got the feeling of separation of functions
Designed and built a new working desk with high cupboard at its back.

About the main project:
From 2011 June I have been involved to the social media campaign of Praktiker Hungary - DIY store.
I was the "face" of the campaign.
My duty was to write their blog about DIY tutorials, tips and ideas for low budget refurbishing,
and most importantly to be the interior designer of the monthly refurbishing project.
I not even designed the rooms, but participated during the construction and commented on it, as we made tutorial videos about each of them.

How we chose the participant?
Every month we announced a competition on social media sites, where participants had to send us their room which needed refurbishment (in different subjects like dining area, kid's room, study area..etc).
I had to choose 4 from the applications, and to make sketches for them about how to renew the interior.
At the end of every month one of the sketches won the realization of its plan by voting.

During the realization process, which usually took 1 or 2 days only, I was one of our 3 members team who worked. About every project we made video for Praktiker Hungary also.

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