Illustration of a novel Langyos Tej (Vonalkód) written by Krisztina Tóth

Short story of the novel

We are in the beginning of the 80's.
The story is about a 16 years old girl, who felt in love with the coolest guy in the school, but the guy obviously does not know anything about it.
She is just  daydreaming about him, and write: "Robi, I love you" into her school books with an invented secret writing, which looks like a bar-code.
During this time she is waiting for the arrival of her American cousin also, which was really exciting during those years, as because of the communism there were not too many contact with the West side of the world. So she imagines her, as a fantastic person with all its glamour and shine.

The cousin arrives, and as it usually happens, although she is really pretty but not so nice with her. They go together to the ice-rink, where Robi (the beloved guy) is also there, and he fells in love for first sight with the American girl.
Needless to say that our heroin is more than upset.

But there is some other trouble as well.
The very next day, in the school, one of the teacher (an ugly and evil one) borrows her book, and she finds the secret writing there...aand..she reads it out loud in front of the whole class.."I love you, my sweetheart Robi"

And this point she goes mad.
During the break between two classes, she goes to the teacher and tells some fat lies to her, that she has to go home because she is going to see a doctor..because..she has leukaemia.
The teacher shocked and hopefully regrets her awful behaviour...and let her go.

But before she leaves  the school, she goes and opens Robi's school-cupboard, steals his really fancy ice skates (he got it also from abroad, so it is reallyreally precious) and on the way her home she throws them to two different bin in different part of the town.

Once she is at home, she just let depression grow on her. She lets the dog crying  in front of the door.
Lays down and imagine as her blood is becoming white as the warm milk because of the disease she lied.
(Leukaemia in Hungarian means -white blood)

About my work

I made little book in 2009 as the part of the entrance exam to Hungarian University of Fine Arts.
As the story is written as someone is telling it in real time, I have decided to create the girl's diary, with magazine's cut off, and with some sketches.
In the 80's I was in similar age as the girl in the story..and I had so many memories which were recalled by its novel.
I remember that apart from all the fancy things which came from the West  (barcode, empty cans, some clothes, Barbi) that was also really important to keep all the magazines which had any information about that other colourful culture..and to cut and glue them together was kind of to belong to it.

So that's why the form.
I scanned all the pages and put them together with ISSUE, so now anyone could turn the pages of it.

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