Hand Drawn Visual in Presentation - MKV Design - Restaurant
Project credit: MKV design
FF&E Board: made by Elena Caballero
Visuals: Hand Drawn on basic Sketchup model, colored with Photoshop
Idea / Concept presentation (selected pages).
Based on the FF&E boards the visuals have been made to give the design impression of the space.
Hand Drawn visuals usually cannot replace CGIs, but this is a perfect solution to present the first ideas, and refine the design for further development.
These drawings are based on SketchUp models made of cubes and indicate the space roughly - for keeping the right proportion of the space and fasten up the procedure.
Changes are also absolutely fine on a hand-drawn visual and it can be easily corrected along with the design changes, as I redraw the effected part and Photoshop the pieces together.
For example in this project there were some furniture changes.
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