When we started this project the house had not been built.
I had the opportunity not only to help my clients creating a warm and welcoming home by interior design
but i also got my part adjusting the layout before building this house.
The aim here was to create a kind of Mediterranean, warm, welcoming feel.
I must say that the "Mediterranean style" request is always really interesting for me as there are many different levels from super-white to super-colourful in this style bracket. Also its too easy to make design mistakes here and instead of creating an interior with a welcoming feel (what people understand under this expression by my experience) to create something fake.
So at first I needed to tackle what my client meant under this request, and found that they would liked to go for something colourful, but not too colourful, something like a refurbished barn-house but still something new, family and guest friendly, but still cosy. Sounds like a (nicely balanced) piece of cake, isn't it?
Mood images the interior designer's best friends in a case like this, and yes they helped us to find the right directions.
And the sketches also helped to clarify the design language here.
Fortunately the result of this exiting project is just as my clients dreamt about, and anytime I visit them it is really difficult for me to leave as well.
Hereby I'm sharing few pages of the concept package with my sketches and mood images, along with the realization photographs.
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