This is a collection of technical drawings.
No pretty pictures here, at least not in the usual way.
But for me these are all really absolutly fancy pictures, showing how the concepts could be built.
I have included images showing if the design has been draw well it could be built on the same way.
As this is the hidden part of the design procedure it is not easy to show, and I admit that it might not so interesting to everybody. But I believe that these drawings and the work behind of them are really important part of designing an interior.
It is as much requires creativity and knowledge as the concept part.
Yes it is different. As it is less fluffy (on the good way, no offence) and more engineering.
Fluffiness (again this word) and technical drawings doesnt mean anything without each other.
And both part could be equaly exicting to work with.
I worked as Design Developer on many projects, I also led a team of Design Developers for enermously big projects.
In this selection I have tried to show those technical drawings when I was also involved into the concept part.
Please feel free to loose yourself in betwen the LINES.
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