Visual has been made as a team work with Michal Janowski.
to represent the Christmas tree design by Vivienne Westwood and the Cool Earth
"Vivienne and Andreas have chosen to collaborate on the project with Cool Earth, a charity they are both Patrons of and have supported for many years.
Cool Earth works alongside indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction and puts these communities back in control of the world’s most endangered rainforests in South America , Africa, and Oceania. Cool Earth’s award winning model means they have more rainforest under community protection than any other NGO or government.
The tree will be draped with delicate fairy lights and festive beading created by a women’s cooperative in the Awajún community supported by Cool Earth. The garlands are made from “tuju” and “huayruro” seeds. The vibrant colours of huayruro seeds symbolise good fortune, abundance and balance, and new-borns and newlyweds often receive huayruro seeds as gifts for a happy and prosperous life.
The tree will then be cocooned in sumptuous lace fabrics of various colours, densities and scale and finished with an oversized bow at the base- creating a truly avant garde take on the traditional Christmas tree."
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